Giorgio Berti Chair for the Study of the Administrative State

Direttore scientifico: Prof. Luca R. Perfetti

The Giorgio Berti Chair for the Study of the Administrative State sits at the intersection of the development of legal theory on constitutional questions addressing executive branch operations in relation to Parlaments and the judiciary and practical examination of the contemporary administrative state. 

According to the Giorgio Berti’s conception of Public Administration, the Chair will carry out studies on the features of the administrative state focusing on the Italian constitutional system, the EU economic constitution and the comparative perspective. 

The features of the administrative state will be analysed on the basis of the follow assumptions: 

  • a direct link exists between the concept of Public Administration and the general conception of Law as well as of State sovereignity; 
  • the rule of law is not exhaustive of the whole idea of the Administration; 
  • the new horizon in which Public Administration must be considered is its direct reference to civil society.

The Giorgio Berti Chair for the Study of the Administrative State promotes public law and administrative sciences scholarship by funding faculty research and hosting research roundtables, academic conferences, and a spring school for public managers, bureaucrats and politicians. They face an incredibly diverse and complex array of issues that have significant regulatory, public policy and social implications.

Our Spring School offers substantive continuing professional education programs designed to help public managers, bureaucrats, politicians and their senior staff deepen their knowledge of the institutional dynamics, of the administrative organization and of the economics principles that underlie those issues, to improve their decision-making skills and, in this way, the public decision-making process.